Dan was doing art at an early age drawing on paper
on to his parents their walls decorating the house he grew up in.

Born in Amsterdam, Dan began pursuing street art as a teenager,
painting everything from walls to billboards in the urban landscape wherever he could.

Shortly after studying at the School of Visual Arts Dan was looking to expand as an artist,
Having the habit of leaving his mark on things Dan got introduced to tattooing.
It became another medium for him to explore, and gradually interest became complete commitment. 


Dan started working at a local tattoo shop downtown Amsterdam,  Spending a lot of time as the new guy ,
However he knew that 
the most important factor in furthering himself in the tattoo world

is minding his own business, because ultimately work speaks for itself, good or bad. 
Together with his brother he opened up his own art studio in Amsterdam to do the works.


His Focus is on going deep into the meanings and purpose of each Art or Tattoo piece. Understanding the art of it.
The Realisation that this is a sacred and true commitment, so the choice that is made is one that will change lives,
not just decorating them.

Conscious about that tattooing is not a service. But that it is an collaborative art,
Dan seeks the point where the amazing things happens, which only is achieved when both, Dan and client sync together to create,
and go past the obvious for the future Tattoo/arts to be done.


Dan now works out of his Private studio in Amsterdam and travels around the world spreading his art work around the globe, in pursuit of expanding
his mind in the field of tattooing and arts.